How to Use Twitter for Marketing Your Book

This is a fairly obvious step if, when you finish writing, you actually want people to find and purchase your book.  When I first set out to create a comic book, I knew I’d have to cozy up to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the rest, but how to use these resources to the fullest of their capabilities was still a mystery to me.  So let’s dive right in.


Now, I’m going to start with Twitter.  It’s the one I’ve become most familiar with since I’ve started connecting with other authors and writers.  I already know when my comic book becomes purchasable, I need as many people to know about it as possible.  So, I jumped on twitter.  Here are some important things to consider when utilizing twitter to gain a loyal following.

  1. Do not follow everyone and their moms:  There are apps that will find and follow thousands of people and then automatically unfriend the ones that didn’t follow you back.  While this will inflate your “followers” number, it’s counter productive if you have a specific niche you’re trying to reach.  For me and my purposes I choose to follow anyone who follows me, but is not an obvious bot looking to use me to inflate someone else’s numbers.  After a week or so I have almost 100 followers who are all interested in comic books or writing.  I’ve also begun following resources that will help me down the line, like different publishing companies and people creating content to help me research my own path.
  2. LISTS, LISTS, LISTS:  This is a great option given by Twitter to clean up your twitter feed.  Even though I have almost 100 followers, i’m also following almost 100 people.  My feed is constantly filled and unorganized and almost impossible to keep up with.  By creating lists I was able to decide which feed I wanted to look at.  I have a list for publishers, artists, comic book fans, family, friends and a few others.  Now I have an organized way of looking at specific feeds.  An added bonus:  People on twitter love being a part of lists.  If I want to follow more comic book fans, I can search for a list someone created and instantly have hundreds, if not thousands, of potential readers for my comic book when it becomes available.
  3. Be Active: This is probably the most important rule of twitter.  As time consuming as it may be, you have to actively engage EVERYONE.  The people you follow, the people that follow you, and even people who aren’t following you yet.  This means you have to like and retweet posts from the people you follow, show them that you are invested in helping them spread their reach.  In your own posts, use Hashtags (#) to reach the people you want.  I routinely add #comicbooks #writing #comics etc… to all of my posts.  Hashtags are like breadcrumbs leading potential followers to your candy house where you can get them in your oven.


Follow these tips, and get familiar with what successful twitter users in your industry are doing and before you know it you’ll have enough people ready and waiting for your masterpiece to be available.  However, the biggest draw to your twitter will be the content you create so get to writing and give your followers something to sink their teeth into and share with friends.

 Do you have any Twitter Tips?  Comment below!

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2 thoughts on “How to Use Twitter for Marketing Your Book

  1. Thanks for the good information. I have self-published several books and that is the easy part. It is the book promotion that is much more difficult. It also varies for everyone depending on what type of books you publish. The tip on creating lists is very useful. That is something I have never thought of doing. Social media marketing can be a tough nut to crack.

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