How to Finish That Book You’ve Been Working On

How can you stay motivated to finish your book?Related image

One of the biggest struggles I have found during the writing process is sticking with it.  It can be hard enough to balance a work load for paying the bills and spending time with friends and family without throwing in the monumental task of writing and self publishing a book.

If you have a story idea that is effortlessly pouring out of you, then consider yourself lucky.  Most of us on the other hand have to carefully craft our story.  It’s our baby and we want it to have every opportunity to become a success, but like a baby, you can’t just stand back and hope for the best.

A way I like to tackle my procrastination head-on is by trying to understand it.  Why am I procrastinating?  Is it hard to focus on creating the next conflict?  Maybe the fact that no one knows who you are is zapping the motivation to create a product in the first place.  Whatever your reason for procrastination is, once identified, you can start the process of eliminating that road block.  Related image

Personally, I found I had trouble getting my butt in the chair. There were just so many other things that needed my attention and I was in complete denial about what I was really doing by focusing on anything else.  I thought about what was keeping me from progressing and realized that I suck at holding myself accountable, like an employee I might be managing. So, I climbed out of that pool of denial and created a schedule for myself.  I figured out what days I would do what, and worked hard to get in the habit of keeping accountability a priority.

It also helps to set a clear path.  If you’re lost in a forest, would you feel more comfortable wandering around trying to find help, or would having a trail to direct you on your way to find help be better?  Sitting down and figuring out what tasks to finish and what the subsequent steps will be can be the trail out of the woods you need to boost confidence and make the job of working for yourself a bit more organized and efficient.

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So, if you are like I was, with a handful of unfinished ideas, seize the moment and take the leap to start taking yourself and your writing more seriously. The only thing worse than trying and failing, is never having tried in the first place.  So GET TO WORK!   Future you will be forever grateful for the effort you put it now.

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