Should I Quit My Job to Write Comics?

I was sitting at my keyboard trying to glean inspiration to write a captivating post when I deleted what must have been my third attempt at a first paragraph (it was titled “How To Give Your Characters Integrity” and it was meh.)

Nothing seemed to click so I took a step back and remembered the reason I started this blog.  To offer guidance to others in the pursuit of comic book self publication.  It led me to think about what questions I was asking when I first started and I immediately remembered typing into google the question you see in the title of this post.

I had been unhappy working a job in sales knowing there was this idea I was gaining passion for, being neglected in the background.  Most of the advice google came up with was against quitting, citing reasons that sounded more like excuses.

If you are considering leaving a regularly paying job to pursue self publishing then let me burst some bubbles.  Everything I read about why NOT to quit my job to write my own comic book is absolutely true.

I decided to take the plunge and quit my job anyway.  I moved to a new state and started using my savings to pursue this crazy idea that wouldn’t leave me alone.  The idea that maybe, just maybe, I can tell a story worth reading.

My days are filled with research.  Researching stick fighting for story authenticity, researching marketing to gather a following that will hopefully give my comic a chance, researching Kickstarter.  When i’m not researching I’m writing.  My story, My blog, ideas for my story and blog.  Not to mention being riddled with writer’s block, self doubt and anxiety over the fear of failure.
What it ultimately comes down to is do you have what it takes to weather the storm?

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If you don’t believe in yourself, then why bother trying?  It might seem like a depressing prompt to give up, but for me it showed that my only choice was to believe in myself. Once I realized “why bother” wasn’t an option I knew I was going to carry this comic book over the finish line battered and bruised if I must.

As terrible of a picture as I painted of this process, there is something special about throwing yourself into the achievement of a dream when you believe in yourself enough to succeed despite immeasurable odds….

…or maybe I’m just a masochist.



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