Setting Yourself Up For Success


I love people watching.  People are weird and they do weird things, and as I sat in the park with my friends this morning, my thoughts began to drift from the conversation of the group to the park maintenance man climbing up and down his ladder 5 or 6 times to switch out various tools.  I remember thinking to myself about how I would have hung the tools from the top of the ladder to save myself the back strain of climbing up and down, bending over for tools, and time.  Later, he finished the job he was working on, stretched and rubbed his sore lower back, and jumped in his golf cart and drove away. If he had taken the time to set himself up for success he would have finished earlier and avoided unnecessary back strain.  What a lost opportunity.

The way I learned to set myself up for success was by treating future me like a completely different person.  Truth is, I don’t know who I am in the future.  I just haven’t met him yet, but I know that it’s easy to make decision that future me will be responsible for dealing with.  The problem is that I eventually become future me and I look back at past me with contempt for sticking future me with the consequences of his behavior and I want to smack him for it.Related image

I wanted them to get along.  So I became a vigilant present version of myself.  Anything I could do to make future me live an easier life, I was happy to.  I even made it a point to thank past me for taking care of future me.  After all it’s easier for past me to take the garbage out at 8:00pm instead of future me waking up early to do it at 6:00am the following morning before the trash man arrives, so why not?


If you want to self publish your own Comic Book, how can you set yourself up for success?

First, let’s fast forward a bit.  You finished your comic!  Now go try to sell it.  What’s that?  No one knows who you are, or that you were even writing a story?  Looks like past you has some apologizing to do to your future self.  If you plan on creating ANY product, you have to cultivate an audience to hunger for it.  With the internet, it’s easier than ever.  An easy way to start would be to create a blog where you talk about topics that would appeal to an audience that would most likely buy what you will be creating.  It’s OK to only have a few blog entries to share at first. Just keep blogging and before you know it you’ll have an entire library of topics to entice people into listening to the things you say.Image result for studio audience gif

This is where Twitter comes in handy.  Use Twitter to let everyone know about all the great free blogs you’ve been writing!  I share my blogs like this one at least once every hour, and everyday interested people choose to follow me. I also have plans to start creating Video blogs on YouTube, as well as audio podcasts.  I will have so many different types of interesting information about writing and comics to share that when I finally want to tell people I have a comic book to sell, I’ll have thousands, instead of hundreds, of interested people wanting one for themselves.

There are LOTS of different and clever ways to boost your efforts, but the one that pretty much covers them all is this: Never Stop Researching!

Most of my time is spent researching what successful people are doing.  For example, I had heard about how great the comic book community is on Kickstarter.  After I learned Kickstarter is a great way to help fund my project, I could have just jumped right in and started one, but I want to run my Kickstarter like someone who saw positive results with the way they did it.  Find enough people suggesting the same thing and you’ve stumbled on something that could give you the edge to really succeed.

The research you do to prepare yourself for the journey of self publishing is important to your success and the more you research, the better.




I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to read my blog.  Please share this around and feel free to follow my attempt to self publish with @m0nkeyfire on Twitter!


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