My name is Austin Scott Humphrey, and I’m starting a career self publish comic books.  I love the art of viual story telling, and quite frankly, I’m tired of letting my story ideas remain just that. I’m currently writing a series titled B.U.D.  You can check it out at webtoons.com and it would delight me to recieve a comment with your feedback.  If you’re a fan of zombie content in general then subscribe to my Twitter feed where I post the latest zombie news, jokes, memes, and retweet any and all zombie content creators who tag me on their posts. (I also have a secret list of free movies to watch that I found on youtube.) So check it out!

If you are a zombie content creator and would like to be featured in my New Zombie Newsletter interviews, then please reach out to me and we’ll try to get you scheduled.

Thanks for stopping by, and stay fresh.