New Zombies

A blog for people who enjoy consuming, and creating, zombie content.


I have a desire to write and publish a story that has been rattling around in my head for a few years now.  I know a few things for certain:

1) It will be a comic book.

2) It will be amazing to create a tangible version of something that has been trapped in the ether of my thoughts.

3) It will not be easy.

I have already been researching for a few months and have noticed a commonality with “How To” blogs and Vlogs.  There is not really a step by step guide.  I mean sure, they say do this then that, but at each step I was forced to research on my own the micro steps to accomplish the current step.

So, my goal as I write my comic book is to document my journey.  Watch me stumble and learn from mistakes.  Watch me almost give up and then push myself harder.  Watch as I luck out and make connections within the world of Comic Book Creation. Watch me succeed…

or fail…

… but whatever happens, I’ll document it all.