Creating a Comic the Austin Humphrey Way


Obviously, there are tons of ways to go about publishing your own comic.  I am new to the process but have a pretty good handle on what steps should be done and when.

So, if you’re just starting out I would begin with:

  1. Ask yourself “Should I write for my project or focus on my social media presence?

When I first started, I dove head first into my comic book and after I finished the 6th issue I realized that if I finish my book, who would I tell about it?  Having a loyal following on social media is important to the success of your comic book and should not be neglected.  So what do you do?  Easy.  Start a Twitter.  Get yourself one of those tweet scheduling apps and start creating content to entice followers to stick around until you finish your project.  For me, I started writing a blog (this one in fact) and am already up to 8 blog posts which I can blast on my twitter.  The more blogs I write, the more free content I have to share and the more followers I can accumulate.  Get that follower number up by offering quality free content.



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2. Start Studying!

Most of my day is spent studying and researching every aspect of what I’ll need to know so I can publish my comic book successfully.  Meanwhile, my afternoons are spent building my social media presence while my nights are where I do most of my writing, be it for my comic or for these blogs. The more you know, the less you stumble. So don’t try to blindly wander your way to success.  Make a plan, set a path, and stay motivated to see it through to the end.

3. Finding an artist

I’ll get into more detail here in a different post, but since I’ve been building a following and I have a decent amount of my comic written, finding an artist to work with is the next step to completing the project.



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4. Start promoting your main project.

Once you have enough content on your blog to gather a following on twitter, it’s time to give them even MORE free stuff.  Once I have my issue 0 completed with artwork and all, I will use it as a freebie to entice people to do a few things.  They’ll sign up with their email to receive a digital copy, now I have a list of emails that are interested in reading my comic.  I can send out mass emails to my followers telling them when the next issues will be released for sale!  It also wets the appetite of the reader to get them hooked on your story.

5. Kickstarter

This is the last step I have given thought to as I am still in the “generate a following” phase, but there is always lots to know and learn and I’ll share more about Kickstarter when I get there.  For now, let’s assume you don’t have the money to pay for an artist, printing, shipping… Use Kickstarter to allow people to support your project by giving you the money to complete it in exchange for a thank you gift.  Usually being the comic itself among other things for different tier donations.  Expect a Big Time Kickstarter Tips blog post when it’s time to throw myself into that adventure.

So there you have it!  Some general steps that hopefully make your path to self publishing a little clearer and easier to navigate.

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