How to Harness the Power of The 10 Year Cyclicality in Pop Culture



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Have you ever had an idea to create the next Harry Potter or Twilight except with an original tweak to the genre, but thought the market was too saturated with those kinds of stories, so it seeped away into the fog, eventually forgotten.

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What many people may not be aware of is the cyclical nature of pop culture.  As I ascend to my 34th year, I’m starting to see my friends marry and raise children.  It’s beautiful yes, but the same thing happens every time.  Parents raise their kids to be fans of their passions.  Do you love Star Wars?  Think back to this post when you find yourself taking a picture of your baby dress as Princess Leia for Reddit karma or Facebook Likes.

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Inevitably when the kid of a Star Wars fan grows up having light saber fights with his dad and having Star Wars movie marathons with mom, that kid will have 10-15 years before they have disposable income of their own and an interest in Star Wars…

…and there are millions of others if not more doing the same exact thing, as if training an army of fanatics.

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Now, on the bleak emotionless side, what you end up with is a 10 year cycle ebb and flow with the different generations playing a game of Telephone.  So a ghoulish, shape shifting vampire that turns into a bat, sleeps in a coffin, and is to be feared, transgenerationally becomes a glittery angst filled teenager because boy bands.

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On the bright side it’s nice that this ebb and flow exists.  My dad shared Andy Griffith with me as I grew up, and I still call him Pa’w. Be it reruns, adaptations or a whole new take, our desire to share our passions through generations could be the reason to breathe new life into that idea you once had but gave up on. Just give it time, but maybe spend that time researching and writing, so when the ebb starts to flow again you can come out swinging.

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